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  • Welcome to the Scottsville Auto Sales guaranteed credit approval website. At Scottsville Auto Sales we understand how important the need for transportation is and have built very strong relationships in the auto industry to offer GUARANTEED credit approval for EVERYONE. No jumping through hoops, No scurrying for a co-signer and in many case very little cash down required. Were not like other dealerships. We don't advertise that we GUARANTEE credit approval for everyone only to tell you that you need a co-signer or that you just don't have enough credit. Everyone who applies for an auto loan with us is APPROVED. We are so confident in our program that if we can not get you approved for an auto loan we will give you $500 on the spot. It's easy to get started. Just fill out our credit application online and we will start the process for you. All of our vehicles come NYSI with a warranty. We offer low down payments, easy bi-weekly, weekly or monthly payments and extended warranties up to 5 years! Have you been looking on craigslist... Don't waste your money on a craigslist junker, use that as a down-payment on a nice vehicle and get a warranty and have peace at mind when you drive away! 1st time buyer? Bad Credit? No Credit? Repos? Judgments? Bankruptcy? Self employed? Low Income? No Income? Collecting social security? ... even un-employed? YOUR STILL APPROVED! Don't waste a minute more - Your already approved just apply on the phone or online today! Don't have a ride to us? Let us know and we will pick you up!

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