Every merchant and their entities (subsidiaries) will be assigned a unique keyword of their choosing. Your customers will then visit the Paymaxx Pay product by using that keyword. If your merchant is assigned the keyword "acmecarcompany", for instance, then your customers would use "" to make their payment.

If the merchant has chosen to provide us with the login and password for their users then their customers will simply have to login and make their payment. If they do not provide us with that information their customer will have the opportunity to create a user account and link that new account to your merchant account.

The account linking process will ask them for their account number and other information in order to start making payments. The merchant has the opportunity to provide contextual details to the customer to help them locate their account number and also provide an example of what it should look like. You can also provide a "mask" which will check the validity of the account number to ensure the customer is using the proper information when making payments.

When the consumer returns to the payment site after the initial setup all they have to do is login and make their payment. They will also have access to their payment history and other details regarding their account.

We also provide the ability for merchants to show their customers various promotional content or press releases they feel would benefit them.