In short, we will not share your customers information with any third party vendors. We understand how frustrating it can be for your customers to be inundated with marketing and sales pitches when all they want to do is simply pay their bill. This is why REPAY chooses not to inhibit the consumer experience with unnecessary data sharing. Your customers will be able to pay their bill simply and quickly and not have to worry about their private information being given to any third party.

From time to time REPAY will email your customer notifications regarding their most recent payment. These emails are intended to provide the consumer with pertinent information related to their recent activity. When the consumer has completed a payment we will email them a confirmation. If a checking account payment has encountered a problem a few days after it was scheduled we will notify you and your customer of the issue so it can be promptly dealt with and perhaps rescheduled. Other emails of this nature will occasionally be sent to your customers but we will not bother them with fruitless marketing campaigns.